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'Day 2' tests can now be dropped-off at selected TUI stores for a quicker test result (Tui customers only)

Fit to Fly (PCR) tests will no longer be available for purchase after 31st October 2021 - The last day you can drop off your Fit to Fly (PCR) or Day 2 sample at a TUI store is 31st October 2021

We’ve introduced a new service for our TUI/Chronomics customers that means you can get your Day 2 COVID-19 test results back much quicker, simply by dropping off your sample at one of the many TUI locations around the UK (you can find a full list here).


How does it work?

If you have used one of our Fit To Fly testing kits, it works exactly the same way – perform your test and package up your sample but, instead of taking it to a Royal Mail Priority Post Box, drop it off at a TUI location instead. Just keep a note of your Kit ID - you’ll need this when you’re in-store - because, unlike Fit to Fly kits, the outer bag on your Day 2 kit may only have a postal sticker and nowhere to write your Kit ID (full instructions below).

The last Day you can drop your Day 2 sample at a TUI store is 31st October. Store's will not be accepting sample's after this date.

Don’t worry – if you have a Day 2 PCR sample to drop off after this date please use the postal option. 


What do I need to do?

Step 1: Make a note of your Kit ID. You can find this in your test kit itself (this should be clearly labelled and consists of four letters, followed by four numbers) and in your secure Chronomics dashboard.

Step 2: Once you’ve performed your test, find your most convenient TUI location using this link - Where to drop your test sample

Step 3: When you get to the TUI store, go to the Chronomics drop box and scan the QR code on the front (or click here).

Step 4: Enter your Kit ID and the Store ID (you’ll find this on the front of the drop box itself). Please do not unpack your sample in store to find your Kit ID – log onto your Chronomics dashboard if you haven’t noted it down.

Step 5: Hit ‘NEXT’ – we’ll identify your test kit and mark it for collection to be taken to our labs for processing. And that’s it – now all you have to do is wait for your results.

Can any TUI customer use this service?

All customers that are double vaccinated (and so aren't required to self-isolate) can drop-off their tests in store with TUI.

If you are not double vaccinated, you should use the postal option.