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Fit To Fly DOs and DON’Ts

DO register your test at the right time

Check the rules for the destination you’re flying to (you can do this here) and make sure you aren’t registering too early (usually no earlier than 72 hours before your outbound flight). The time/date you register your test will be the time/date on your travel certificate.

DON’T register it too early or too late
If you register too early, your test may not be valid for travel; if you register it too late, we won’t have time to get your results back to you in time.


DO register everyone in your party using a different email address
Everyone taking a test must register with a unique email address, including younger children who may not have an address in their name.


DON’T register multiple users with the same address
If you’d rather not set up an email address for them just for this purpose, try using a secondary or work email address of yours (if you have one).


DO identify your nearest TUI dropbox store
There’s a list here, which we are updating and adding to all the time.


DON’T post your Fit To Fly test back to us AND DON'T book a Plus package if you can't drop off your test at a TUI store
There’s a very limited amount of time to process your samples and return results for Fit To Fly tests, so these kits must ALL be returned via dropoff, NOT in the post. If it’s very difficult for you to drop off your test, think about ordering a Standard package instead of a Plus, and arrange your Fit To Fly test with a local provider. 


DO drop off your Fit To Fly test at the right time
This will be between 55 and 72 hours before you board a flight to leave for your trip. Please check store details here and the rules for your specific destination here.


DON’T bring it to a TUI Store too early or too late
If you’re too early, your test may not be valid for travel because you’ll have registered too early. If you’re too late, you may not get your results back in time. 


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