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I’m on holiday and getting ready to return to the UK – what do I do?

Hopefully you’ve had a lovely break away, but now it’s time to start thinking about your journey home again. Here’s a short, step-by-step guide from us to help you navigate your way home again.

Step 1

Whether you're vaccinated or not, before your flight back to the UK, you should register and perform the Test To Return rapid antigen (lateral flow) testing kit you brought on holiday with you, according to the instructions provided.
IMPORTANT: Don’t register your kit any too early or your travel certificate will not be valid for your homeward trip.

The instructions are in the kit, on our website here and you’ll be walked through the process via your chronomics dashboard when you register the test too. 



Step 2

Once you’ve provided your sample and completed your Test To Return kit, assuming your result is negative, we’ll automatically generate a certificate as proof of this. Make sure you have access to this certificate in the airport – either directly through the Chronomics dashboard on your mobile device (you’ll need an internet connection for this), downloaded to your phone as a PDF, or as a printed hard copy.


Step 3 

Fill out one of the UK Government’s passenger locator forms here – to do this you’ll need your Chronomics booking reference number as proof you’ve booked your Day 2, and if needed, Day 8 tests  for when you’re back in the UK.
PLEASE NOTE: You don't get a Passenger Locator Reference when purchasing a Test to Return, you'll only receive a Passenger Locator Reference if you've purchased a Day 2 Test - either by itself or part of a package/bundle



It always starts with CHRON/CHROM, followed by a short series of letters/numbers and you will have this number on your initial booking confirmation email from us. 

It’s also available in your Chronomics dashboard:




Step 4  

Go to the airport, keeping all your travel and Covid-19 testing documents to hand during check-in and when going through security. Then enjoy your flight home to the UK, following the latest Government advice on any isolation needed after you arrive.