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How do I cancel my order? Ask for a refund?

For the most up-to-date information on our testing packages, how the most recent government changes may affect your order and how we can help ensure you have the tests you need for travel, click here.

Cancelling tests and bundles:

If you need to cancel or refund an order you’ve already placed, you can do this yourself via your online dashboard.

  • Navigate to 'Orders' from your dashboard (Step 1 in image 1 below). 
  • To cancel your order click on 'Cancel this test' under each part of your order (Step 2 in image 1 below).
Image 1

  • If you have purchased a bundle or more than one test type, you'll need to cancel each test type individually (See image 2 below). For example, if you have an unvaccinated bundle, you'll need to cancel your Test to Return and Day 2 tests separately.

Image 2


  • If your cancellation request was successful, you'll be given the following message: 'Your order is successfully cancelled'

  • If your cancellation request was rejected, please check all the qualifying criteria in our terms and conditions and ensure it all applies to you. If, after doing this, you feel you're still due a refund on all or part of your order, please click on the link below 'Cancel this test' (see image 3 below).

Image 3

    • Fill in the form on the next page as fully and accurately as possible. This is the only way to request your refund and you must do it for each part of your order you wish to request a refund on.

    • We'll then assess your request(s) and let you know the outcome - Our refunds team will contact you once your request has been processed.