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How do I complete my test under video supervision?

Video testing only available to purchase in the UK

IMPORTANT: If you've purchased a video supervised test for entry into the U.S only - please click here for important updates about U.S government rule changes. 

To complete a test under video supervision, you must have purchased a test that includes the video supervision service. Currently, we only offer video supervised Fit to Fly antigen testing, if you need a supervised Fit to Fly PCR please follow this link - PCR supervised testing 

The video supervision testing service is available between the hours of 09:00 and 18:00 UK time 7 days a week, so please register your test during these hours. Please note: Each person must register their test individually, we're unable to register multiple people on the same call.

Before beginning the registration process, please ensure your device has a compatible video/camera and microphone set-up to do the test.

Step 1:

To begin the registration for your LFT test via video supervision, please follow this link.

To register you’ll need:

  • Your email address
  • Your Kit ID - this can be found on the side of the test box
  • Your Barcode - this is on the test cassette
  • Your passport for identity verification - We can't complete the call without this 

Step 2: 

Once registration is completed, follow the onscreen instructions to enter the virtual waiting room, where a supervising agent will be with you shortly.

  • Enter your name, if required
  • Identity verification will be required using your passport
  • Complete the test under supervision as instructed

You'll then be disconnected from the agent to wait for your results. Please ensure you wait at least 15 minutes for your results to show before carrying out the following steps:

  • Upload an image of the completed test for validation - if you're experiencing issues uploading your photo please click here
  • Once your result is validated, you'll be notified by email (usually within 30 minutes - please note that this may take longer during busy periods) and will be able to view/download your certificate from your dashboard

Please note: An account will need to be created during registration in order to access the dashboard, you will be prompted to do this.