How do I order my testing kits?

This information is for Non - TUI customers only. If you are a TUI customer, please Click here

You can order a test by going to our website and finding the test/bundle you would like to purchase and click buy now.

If you need more than one type of test/bundle, you would need to place more than one order.
For example:
If you need 4x Vaccinated Bundles or 4x Day2 tests, these can be placed on one order.
If you need 2 x Vaccinated Bundles and 2x Unvaccinated Bundles, you would need to place 2 orders. One for the Vaccinated  Bundles and one for the Unvaccinated Bundles.

If you have completed your order but wish to purchase an additional test/bundle, you can use the same email address to place another order - all orders will then be visible on your dashboard in 'Order History'.

Please note: Additional orders must be placed before the cut off dates to ensure timely delivery. You can see information on the cut off dates for purchasing tests/bundles here