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How do I order my testing package(s)? (Tui customers only)

Please check here for important updates for our TUI customers

You can order a test by going to www.chronomics.co.uk/tui and entering your holiday booking details. When you get through to the purchase page, you should select the number of packages you need. It’s one package per adult. Please note: If you need more than one type of package, you would need to place more than one order.
For example:
If you need 4x Vaccinated packages, these can be placed on one order.
If you need 2 x Vaccinated Packages and 2x Unvaccinated packages, you would need to place 2 orders. One for the Vaccinated Packages and one for the Unvaccinated packages.

If you have completed your order but wish to purchase a Fit to Fly test, you can do so
here. You will need your booking reference and holiday dates. 

If you wish to purchase an additional test/package, you can use the same booking reference and email address to place another order - all orders will then be visible on your dashboard in 'Order History'.

Please note: Any additional orders and upgrades must be placed before the cut off dates to ensure timely delivery. You can see information on the cut off dates for purchasing tests/packages here