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How do I return my sample? (Tui customers only)


How you return your test depends on which test it is you are returning.

Please click on the test below for more information.

Fit to Fly (Antigen)
Fit to Fly (PCR)
Rapid Antigen (test to return)
Day 2 Test
Day 5 Test
Day 8 Test

Your test needs to be registered before returning it to us. Your returns package should only include your test. Do not send your sample back with any notes with your personal information on, or notes explaining that you can’t register your test. This is to ensure we keep your information secure and comply with government regulations for data protection.

If you experience issues when registering your test, you can get help by using our interactive knowledge base that can guide you to tailored advice. You can find this in the bottom right hand corner of our website and app. Just click on the blue question mark to launch