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How do I submit my ‘Fit to Fly’ (PCR) test sample? (Tui Customers only)

Fit to Fly (PCR) tests will no longer be available for purchase after 31st October 2021 - The last day you can drop off your Fit to Fly (PCR) or Day 2 sample at a TUI store is 31st October 2021


To ensure we have enough time to send your test(s) to the lab and return the results to you before your holiday is due to begin, and to avoid any risk of your test(s) getting lost in the post, you’ll need to bring your ‘Fit to Fly’ test sample(s) to one of a selection of TUI Stores and office locations  before you’re due to fly. 

To calculate when to take your Chronomics fit to fly test, check your destination’s COVID-19 test entry requirements via FCDO Travel Advice and TUI entry requirements webpage

You need to know:

  1. How many hours in advance your test is required?
  2. And if this is based on your arrival time or departure time?

Ensure you check this  (for legal reasons, you need to check this timing yourself) 

Once you know the date and time you should take your take, as a general rule, we recommend you drop your sample off before 2pm on that day where possible. If this is not possible then please contact your chosen TUI store. The last day you can drop your sample at a TUI store is 31st October 2021. Store's will not be accepting sample's after this date.

IMPORTANT, dropping your Fit to Fly test sample at a TUI store is the only way we can accept Fit to Fly tests from our TUI customers therefore, if you’re unable to drop off your sample, please don’t book a Fit to Fly test with us. You should book your ‘Fit to Fly’ test with a local provider instead and select 'I don't need a Fit to Fly test through Chronomics'. You can then continue to purchase the Vaccinated or Unvaccinated testing package from us. 

Please note: Your test needs to be registered before returning it to us. Your returns package should only include your test. Do not send your sample back with any notes with your personal information on, or notes explaining that you can’t register your test. This is to ensure we keep your information secure and comply with government regulations for data protection.

If you experience issues when registering your test, you can get help by using our interactive knowledge base that can guide you to tailored advice. You can find this in the bottom right hand corner of our website and app. Just click on the blue question mark to launch