How will the Royal Mail strikes impact my order and results?




  • How to order

    Due to potential delays during the Royal Mail strikes it's essential to give us plenty of time to arrange your delivery and get your test kit to you for when you need it, so please ensure you order early. This may only impact certain areas of the UK as most of our orders are delivered via DPD. You can check delivery information here.


    If you're purchasing a PCR test you'll need to consider:

    • The time it'll take to return your sample to us - Please make sure you check when and where you can drop off your sample and when your chosen drop off point has collections. Collection times may differ based on your location, you can check this information below:
      - Royal Mail Priority Postbox

    PLEASE NOTE: Once our labs have received your sample, they'll need a further 24-36 hours to process your result.

    • The time it'll take to get your results - Results may be delayed if it's taken longer for our labs to receive your sample, you'll find more information on getting your results here.



    Royal Mail Priority Postbox's 

    If you have a sample that needs returning to our lab, please continue to use the Royal Mail Priority Postbox's. Collections from Priority Postbox's vary by location and will be affected by the Royal Mail strikes.


    Royal Mail collections will NOT be carried out on the following days:

    • Friday 30th September
    • Saturday 1st October
    • Thursday 13th October
    • Thursday 20th October
    • Tuesday 25th October
    • Monday 28th November

    You can check the Royal Mail strike information here.

    Due to the expected delays in receiving samples, we recommend avoiding taking and returning your test on or right before these dates. Tests that are delayed longer than 48hrs may not be viable.


    Please note: Our lab will still require a further 24-36 hours to process your sample once it's been received. For more information on lab operating hours during this period, click here.



    IMPORTANT: Please check your chosen Priority Postbox for collection dates and times (especially if you're returning your sample during the dates listed above) as each postbox has its own collection dates and times. It's your responsibility to check this and you can do so by using the link below and simply typing in your postcode: 

    - Priority postbox's






  • Delivery of testing kits 

    Although most of our orders are delivered via DPD and Royal Mail strikes shouldn't impact delivery of your order, there are some postcode areas that require us to use Royal Mail. 

    There are some areas where delivery may not be possible or may take longer depending on the test you've purchased, please click here for more information. Royal Mail strikes might cause further delays if you order one of the tests we can deliver to these areas.






  • Getting your results 

    Please be aware that any samples returned to us during the Royal Mail strikes may be subject to delivery delays. Once our labs have received your sample they'll need up to 36 hours to process it, please bear this in mind when waiting for your test results. 







  • Getting help 

    We're always here to help, which is why we have numerous ways you can find information and get help during this period. 

    • Our helpful FAQ's - Available 24/7 to get instant answers to the most common questions asked.
    Our friendly support team - Available every day (times vary