How will the recent UK government changes impact my order?

Updated 25th January 2022

We're aware the government has made another announcement on 24th January 2022 regarding testing for travel.
At Chronomics we like to give our customers the best and most reliable service, which is why we are reviewing our testing packages once again to ensure they reflect the most up to date government rules. We'll update this page as soon as we have any further information so please check back here regularly. 

Please see below for our response to the announcement made on 5th January 2022:

From 4am on 7th January passengers are no longer required to take a Test to Return Rapid Antigen before they return to England and from 9th January, passengers returning to England may take a Lateral Flow or Rapid Antigen test on their return instead of a Day 2 PCR test. 

If these changes affect you, please see below for more information:

  • For customers needing to purchase a Day 2 Lateral Flow test for travel, you can now purchase this test from our website here.
  • For customers wishing to downgrade their Day 2 PCR test to a Day 2 Lateral Flow test, this option isn't currently available. You can:
    - Still use your Day 2 PCR test instead of a Day 2 Lateral Flow test
    - Cancel your Day 2 PCR test(s) and place an order for a Day 2 Lateral Flow test(s) directly from our website or by using the link above.
  • For customers who wish to cancel an existing order placed with us, please click here for guidance on how you can cancel all or part of your order.

Please note: If you have an existing Lateral Flow test (Eg. A Test to Return - Rapid Antigen) this can't be used as a Day 2 test, you'll need to purchase a specific Day 2 Lateral Flow test instead. This is because when you buy Day 2 rapid antigens from us you get the testing kit as well as the service surrounding the kit (customer account creation, results notification, notification to Government for tracking via a passenger locator number etc) and this service is not transferable between test types.