How will the UK government changes impact my order?

Please check back on this page for further updates.

The UK Government has announced new COVID-19 travel rules, so we have changed our testing packages to match.

At Chronomics we like to give our customers the best and most reliable service, which is why:

For English and Scottish residents 

  • Our ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ and ‘Plus’ travel testing packages have now been simplified to ‘Vaccinated’ and ‘Unvaccinated’ packages, reflecting the UK Government’s changes
  • For fully vaccinated travellers, our Vaccinated package includes a Day 2 PCR test for your return to England
  • From 24th October, a Day 2 Rapid Antigen (or lateral flow) test can be used in place of a Day 2 PCR. These are now available to purchase on our website. You’ll have the option to add on any confirmatory PCR tests you need, if your rapid antigen (lateral flow) test is positive
  • For unvaccinated travellers (or those who haven’t had both jabs) our Unvaccinated packages include Test to Return Rapid Antigen (lateral flow) tests and Day 2/Day 8 PCR tests. These packages will remain among the cheapest, most convenient and most reliable available in the UK
  • We’ll still be offering Fit To Fly tests that can be bought individually to suit your specific travel needs. Please note that other countries have their own entry requirements which may vary and we recommend that customers check the FCDO advice for the country they are travelling to.
These new packages are now available to buy on our website. We will notify existing Chronomics customers on how this change might affect their orders where necessary. 
For residents of Wales and Northern Ireland

Please continue to follow your government guidelines when purchasing tests for travel. If there are any changes to the government travel rules for Wales or Northern Ireland, we will re-evaluate the packages we offer if needed. 
Please check back on this page for further updates.