I can't select a Passenger Locator Reference, what should I do?

Please note that a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) reference number is only issued when purchasing a Day 2 test from us. Your PLF number will start with the letters CHROM followed by a series of numbers. If you haven't bought a Day 2 test then a PLF number won't be generated for your order.

If you have purchased one of the above tests and are unable to select a Passenger Locator Reference when registering your test, please first check you are registering with the correct Kit ID (Click here for examples of Kit ID's and where to find yours) and ensure you are entering the letters in the reference as capital letters. Eg, 'ABCD' not 'abcd'.

If you still can't make your selection, please use your Day 2 Order ID instead of your Kit ID when prompted (see screen shot below). This can be found in your 'Order History' on your Dashboard.