If I have an unused test can it be given to someone else?

To comply with the government's rules, a Day 2 test can’t be transferred to another person. This is because we assign a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) reference number (needed for your return to the UK) to each test purchased, this PLF number links a specific person to their Day 2 test and this can't be amended or transferred.

If you've purchased any other test type and it's no longer needed, it can be used by another person as long as:

  • The test hasn't been registered yet.
  • The test is still valid - please check the expiry date on the testing kit box.

The person who'll now be taking the test should register using their details, this will ensure any results (and certificates) are provided in their name.


IMPORTANT: If you've already registered your test, it can't be given to someone else - even if the testing kit hasn't been used.