IMPORTANT UPDATES for TUI customers only

We recommend you only book your tests a maximum of 45 days in advance due to any changes that may take place to your destinations entry requirements

  • We no longer offer Fit to Fly PCR tests for purchase. You'll still be able to purchase a Fit to Fly (Rapid Antigen) test if your destination country requires this. If you need a Fit to Fly PCR test please see here for other options to order this test:

  • TUI store's are no longer be accepting sample Drop Off's
    - If you've purchased a Fit to Fly test as part of your TUI package - please click here and fill out the refund request form at the bottom of the page.
    - If you have a Day 2 (PCR) test that needs to be sent to the lab, please use the return label provided in your kit. If you don't have your returns label, please contact us for a replacement.

  • Our Vaccinated Package has now changed from a Day 2 (PCR) to a Day 2 Rapid Antigen (Lateral flow) and is available to purchase.

  • Due to the recent government changes, our TUI subsidised packages are currently only available to residents of England. Further information for residents of Scotland and Wales will be released soon.