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When will my Covid-19 results be ready and how long does it take?

For standard Covid-19 tests, we suggest you allow a minimum of four working days from the moment you place your order to get a result. This is because it takes 24 hours to receive your test, 24 hours to return it to us, and 24-36 hours for our labs to process your sample and notify you of your result. It can take longer if this process crosses a weekend, when most postal services are not operating.

Test To Release is quicker because your testing kit can be scheduled for delivery to you on Day 5 of your self-isolation period.

And remember - if you’re ordering a Fit To Fly test, you should do this at least four days before you are due to start your journey. This is because you need to show proof of a negative test within 72 hours of the date of your travel.