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What testing kits are available and what’s included with each one? (Tui customers only)

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Chronomics, in partnership with TUI, are working together to do everything we can to make testing as easy and affordable as possible for you. Following the most recent UK government announcement, we’ve reviewed our testing packages to bring them in line with the new government re-entry requirements. 

Please be aware, the government is also reviewing the re-entry requirements for passengers returning to Wales and Scotland. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

You’ll need to build your testing package based on what you require. Our packages are made up of two parts – fit to fly tests and tests for your return to the UK. Make sure you check entry requirements for your destination and back to the UK so you know which tests you need.

Please note, however, that the re-entry requirements vary depending on the UK country you live in –  you'll find more information on this below – and the testing kits are not available to ALL residents of the UK. Please click here for information on areas we aren't able to deliver to.

Step 1: Pick a Fit to Fly test

Fit to Fly tests are required by some destinations before you leave the UK. You can choose from the following: 

  • Fit to Fly (Rapid Antigen) test  
  • No Fit to Fly test - if your destination does not require a fit to fly 
  • If you require a Fit to Fly (PCR) test for entry into your destination country, please click here to see what options are available to you - we don't offer this test as part of our TUI packages.

Step 2: Pick a package for your return to the UK 

Testing packages for your return to the UK are required by the UK government and differ based on your vaccination status and UK location.

Vaccinated package 

  • 1x Day 2 PCR - to be performed within 48 hours of your arrival into the UK 

Unvaccinated package

  • Test to return antigen (rapid flow) test for you to take on holiday - this test should be taken within the last 48 hours of your holiday in order to get the certificate you need to travel back to the UK 
  • 2 x RT-PCR Oronasal swab tests - to be performed when you’re back home from holiday and self-isolating. You'll need to take the first one on Day 2 and the second one on Day 8