Types of numbers you need to know and where to find them

When registering your test, you will be asked for certain numbers, codes or an ID. The table below gives you examples of what these numbers should look like and where you can find them.

Type of Number



Order ID


It typically consists of two letters (usually your initials) followed by some numbers. This can be found on your order confirmation email or on your Chronomics dashboard.

Kit ID


4 letters followed by 4 digits.

This can be found on the outside of the box the test is delivered in, or on a label stuck on the plastic bag that has the test inside. This number is unique to each test.


NH054111111 or CHR00001234/

For PCR tests, this can be found on the test tube or for rapid antigen tests, on the plastic cassette.

Usually starts with a  5, NH0, CHR0 or BHA


Passenger Locator Booking Reference Number (PLF Number)

CHRON0123456 or CHROM0123456

The number you need to put into the UK Government Passenger Locator Form.

This can be found in the original order confirmation email or on your dashboard.