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What tests are available to U.S customers and how can I place an order?

This information is for U.S customers only. If you're a UK customer, please Click here

Tests available
We're proud to be able to offer COVID-19 at-home testing solutions in the U.S.

Currently, our U.S customers are able to purchase COVID-19 lateral flow testing kits for delivery direct to their home.

Our tests:

  • Are authorized by the FDA
  • Are government approved
  • Give you results within minutes
  • Provide you with a downloadable certificate (following an easy online registration)

We hope to be able to offer more testing options in the near future.

You can find more information on what a lateral flow test (self test) is on the CDC website here.

How to order
You can place an order for this test by going to our website and clicking 'Buy now'.

If you've completed your order but wish to purchase any additional test(s), you can use the same email address to place another order - all orders will then be visible on your dashboard in 'Order History'.

Test purpose
USA Lateral flow tests can be used for the purposes of work, home or travel. Please note: If you're testing for travel purposes, please check requirements with your airline and destination. If you're testing for work, please contact your employer to ensure our product is suitable for your needs.

Below are some useful links from the CDC website for guidance:

Travel | CDC
COVID-19 Testing: What You Need to Know | CDC