When do I need to take my Covid-19 test?


The timing requirements for when you need to take and submit your test depends on which test you're taking and varies from country to country. For legal reasons, before you carry out your test, make sure you check the test timing requirements for the country you’re travelling to/from. If you carry out your test too early, it may be invalid.

You’ll find specific information on testing entry requirements on the FDCO website.

Once you’ve completed your test and registered it, you'll need to drop off your test sample at a Royal Mail Priority Post box.

It's important that you check your chosen priority post box for collection dates and times (especially if you're returning your sample over the weekend) as each post box has it's own collection times. You can find your nearest Priority Post box using the link below:

Priority post box locations

Please ensure you allow an additional 24hrs for Royal Mail Priority Postal delivery.  If you choose not to use a priority post box, we won't receive it in time.

Once our labs have received your test, please allow 24-36 hours to process your sample. You'll then receive an email stating that your results are available to view by logging in to your Chronomics dashboard, which is created upon registration and you can log in using the email address you used to register the test.