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I want to return an unused testing kit. How do I do this?

If you have ordered a Chronomics Covid-19 testing kit but you no longer wish to use it, please contact us on support@chronomics.com and one of our team will authorise the return. You’ll need to do this before sending it back to us, unopened and unused, to receive a refund.

Remember that your kit is valid for six months and it can be used by anyone, if it’s not been registered, so you can keep hold of it for future use.

To ensure the testing kit get to the right team, please clearly write "REFUNDS TEAM" on the outer packaging and send it to:


26A Lombard Business Park

Bizspace Wimbledon

SW19 3TZ

If it is not marked with "REFUNDS TEAM", this may cause a delay in processing your refund.

Please DO NOT use the return label inside the box. This will redirect your kit to the laboratory for testing, so you’ll no longer be eligible for a refund.

For full details on when you are eligible to return your unused kit, please refer to our Terms & Conditions [LINK to https://www.chronomics.com/legal/terms-conditions-covid-19].