Where can I find my Order ID, Kit ID or Barcode?

Order ID
Your order ID number can be found in the email confirmation you received when you ordered your testing kit. It’s also on the front of the box your test arrived in.
It typically consists of two letters (usually your initials) followed by some numbers (eg: AB12345).

Kit ID

Your Kit ID can be found on the outside of the box the test is delivered in, or on a label stuck on the plastic bag that has the test inside. This number is unique to each test and is 4 numbers followed by 4 digits. 


For any PCR test (Fit to Fly PCR, Day 2, Day 5 or Day 8 test) your barcode can be found on the testing tube and should begin NH0 or with a 5.

For any Rapid Antigen test (lateral flow) including fit to fly antigens, your barcode can be found on the testing cassette where you see your result. This should begin with CHR0 or BHA.

For examples of all the references/codes you may need to register your test, please click on the following link - Examples

If you’re having trouble registering your test due to Kit ID/Barcode issues, please ensure you're using Google Chrome to register your kit. If you need to contact us for help, to ensure we can promptly answer your question, please provide images of your barcode/Kit ID where possible.