How do I decide which Chronomics testing kits to purchase?

You’ll need to order your test kits based on what you require.


We offer a range of at-home wellness tests designed to optimise and improve your health, please click here to view the tests we offer, what they test for, and who should take each test to help you decide which test is right for you. 



Entry and timing requirements can vary depending on your destination, so you should first check if you need a test to gain entry into your holiday destination, also known as a Fit to Fly test. You should also check whether you need a PCR or an antigen (rapid flow) test as well as the time that the test should be performed (whether it should be taken based on your flight departure time or arrival time). Click here to check the entry requirements for your holiday destination.


Please note: Some Chronomics testing kits are not available to ALL residents of the UK. Please click here for information on areas we are currently not able to deliver to.