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Which test should I take before I go on holiday and when?

As entry requirements vary from country to country, whether you need to take a test before your holiday depends on where you’re going. If the country you’re travelling to does require this, you‘ll also need to check which test type this should be and when you should take it as, again, this varies from country to country.   

For those of TUI’s holiday destinations that require you to take a ‘fit to fly’ test, which you take before your holiday begins, this is normally a PCR test, which is included in our Green+ and Amber+ packages. You can find out the specific requirements for entry into your holiday destination by checking the FCDO website and/or the TUI Entry Requirements page. Make sure you check whether the test must be taken based on your flight departure time or your flight arrival time. 


FCDO information on entry requirements for your holiday destination > 

TUI’s information on entry requirements > 


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