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Which test should I take while I’m on holiday and when?

Due to the ever changing travel rules, please check the links below for the most up to date information on what tests you may or may not need to take whilst you are on holiday.

FCDO information on re-entry into England > 

FCDO information on re-entry into Scotland > 

FCDO information on re-entry into Wales >

If you're required to take a test before you return home after your trip, you should ensure you pack your Chronomics Rapid Antigen test into your luggage before you leave the UK.
Please note: These testing kits are not available to ALL residents of the UK. Please click here for information on areas we are currently not able to deliver to. 

‘The UK authorities will not accept NHS tests – you must have a Chronomics (or alternative private company) supplied Rapid Antigen test for your ‘Test to Return’.

Please follow this link for a short, step-by-step guide from us to help you navigate your way home again.